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CheckVax™ by Fobi

Vaccine verification made faster; guests & staff made safer.

Fobi's CheckVax is the app-less solution to securely verifying staff & visitor proof-of-vaccination or negative test records. CheckVax is made to be frictionless to users, highly customizable, and scales to organizations of any size.

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Backed by Hedera Hashgraph

Fobi's CheckVax™ uses the Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger to sign and secure all user credentials, providing unmatched data interoperability and scalability to meet the needs of large organizations anywhere in the world.

Hedera is governed by a council of leading global business and public institutions, whose cooperation on its public, distributed ledger is helping create the data infrastructure for next-generation data privacy and fraud prevention needs.

How it works

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Users submit their vaccine record, ID, and contact information in the CheckVax onboarding Portal from any phone or computer.

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Fobi verifies that users' submitted information is matching and valid, creating a personal wallet pass and securing it on Hedera Hashgraph's public ledger.

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Verified users receive a text message or email to download their CheckVax™ pass into their mobile wallet, without needing to install another app on their phone.

CheckVax Validate

Operators can securely validate visitors' proof-of-vaccination from using our web-based validator tool or Smart Tap device, letting visitors securely check in anywhere.


Speed Up Queues

With instant access to digital vaccine passes, customers can prove their vaccination status before they even arrive at your point of entry to shorten wait times.

App-less Passes

CheckVax is an app-less, paperless and easy-to-store solution that saves you and your customers time and money.

Easy to Use

Seamless registration and onboarding that will help increase foot traffic safely by making it easy for customers to comply with regulations.

Contactless Validation

Whether it's our Smart Scan app, Smart Tap IoT device, your own barcode scanner, using one of our partners, or simply visually validating, there's a contactless validation method that suits every business's needs.

Triple-checked verification 

Your customers simply enter their basic credentials and Fobi checks each piece against each other to increase the validity and safety of your business.

White-label CheckVaxTM

Get CheckVaxTM with customized branding to inspire trust from your customers & users - or  license CheckVaxTM for resale to clients and downstream partners.

More than just a vaccine pass

From commerce, customer engagement, sponsorship opportunities, and more, CheckVax can tie into every other Wallet pass solution Fobi offers.

Real Time Analytics

Enterprise-grade analytics on all platform events for monitoring and compliance.  Secure cloud-based portal provides different access permissions on custom reports.

Secure user data

Your customers can be sure that their data is protected and stored using the latest standards to keep data secure.

Feel safer at work

Make coming back to the office safer and easier. Keep your staff at ease knowing everyone in your office is fully vaccinated.

  • Retail

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Sports and Entertainment

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Keep staff & shoppers safe.

CheckVax™ makes it easy to comply with health authority guidelines while minimizing costs and friction for users.

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Give guests a simple & frictionless way to provide proof-of-vaccination.  Keep staff and visitors safe and minimize compliance costs with CheckVax™.


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Vaccine verification doesn't have to make your visitors' experience worse.  CheckVax™ helps shorten queues, keeps staff safe, and gets visitors in venue faster.


Learn more about CheckVax™ by Fobi

Paper vaccine records are a thing of the past. Make the transition to passes that aren’t easy to lose, flimsy, or a hassle to remember. Download our fact sheet and see how our services can work for you.

Find out what CheckVax™ can do for your organization.

CheckVax™ Pricing


$2,000 one-time flat fee

$1.00 per pass issued

Set the foundation with everything you need to start using CheckVax

  • Portal branding
  • 24/7 online support