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Staff & Visitor Health Screening and Vaccination Validation Made Easy

Fast, secure vaccine status verification

Custom health screening questionnaires

✓ One app-less solution

CheckVax pass user verification on phone

What is CheckVaxTM?

 CheckVaxTM helps businesses and venues implement and track health screening for visitors & staff using wallet pass technology for fast, contactless on-site check-ins and a frictionless user experience.


Fobi uses these features to make CheckVaxTM the next evolution in health screening

  • Wallet Pass Technology

  • Peerless Data Security

  • No Hardware Required

Phone in hand with CheckVax phone verification

The Mobile Wallet Advantage

  • Deliver custom prescreening questionnaires.
  • Targeted notifications & alerts.
  • NFC tap functionality for contactless check-ins.

By using the mobile wallet pre-installed on all Apple and Android devices, users don't need to download another app on their phone to get their CheckVax™ Pass.

Hedera logo

Secured by Hedera Hashgraph

Fobi's CheckVax™ signs & secures user data using the Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger, offering unmatched data interoperability, scalability, and next-generation data security to meet the needs of large organizations anywhere in the world.

Hedera's Governing Council includes Boeing, Google, IBM, & Standard Bank.

Phones in hand using SmartScan to scan phone QR code

No Hardware Upgrade Required

Use Fobi's web-based validator tool to verify guests and workers vaccine passes anywhere, without costly specialized hardware.

Accurately validate visitors' health passes in under 5 seconds, to eliminate long queues and traffic bottlenecks on site.

How it Works

Register portal on desktop computer


Users submit their ID with their proof-of-vaccination or testing record into the secure online portal.

Woman getting details verified using her phone


Fobi verifies that users' details are matching and valid, and creates their personal CheckVax™ Pass.

User CheckVax verification on phone wallet


Users receive an SMS or email with the link to download the pass to their native mobile wallet.

User CheckVax verification via phone


Operators can securely validate users' Passes anywhere, no specialized hardware required.  

Ready to Get Started?

Tell us what you need from your CheckVax™ solution and how we can help you start validating vaccines.


University of Nevada

See why the University of Nevada chose Fobi's CheckVax to provide state-mandated health screening for attendees at all Rebels home games.

UNLV Success story preview