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Connect & Analyze



Fobi Connects Disparate Data Points Using AI Data Processing to Deliver Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

We speed up how fast your business centralizes data and give you actionable insights, so you can get back to focusing on what you do best - making money.

✓ Connect siloed data systems on-premise and in the cloud

✓ Access data in real-time

✓ Leverage interoperability across all channels

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Stop wasting time with data that's hard
to access and even harder to act upon.


Insights for On-Premise Systems

Our proprietary hardware device connects data from disparate on-premise systems into one accessible Insights Portal that automatically interprets your data using AI, so you can access and action your data in real-time.

Insights for On-Premise Systems solution

Insights for Cloud-Based Systems

Our API integrations automatically aggregate and send complex data from cloud-based systems to our Insights Portal, where it’s transformed into useful, easy-to-understand insights.

Insights for Cloud-Based Systems solution

Custom Development & Business Intelligence

For clients that require custom data integrations visualized in one comprehensive insights portal such as operational, historical, POS, market, or environmental data.

Insights for Custom Data Integrations solution

Managed Services

Fobi offers managed services with customized plans created by professionals who understand your goals. Get data-driven optimizations in real-time, on demand service, and ongoing support.

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