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Fan Pass



The ultimate tool for public figures, pro athletes, celebrities, and influencers to enrich their fan experience and maximize sponsorship dollars.

✓ One unified fan engagement platform, entirely controlled by you.

✓ Send targeted, personalized messages from you and your sponsors.

✓ Use Fobi’s exclusive Hub to sell merchandise, promote content, run giveaways.

Wallet pass and hub in two iphones side by side


  • The Ultimate Fan Experience

  • Understand Your Fans

  • Monetize Your Data


The Ultimate Fan Experience. Broaden Your Fan Base and Build Loyalty

Interact with your fans in the moment with messages sent directly to their lock screen. Trigger live updates at any time, schedule messages to deliver an intimate fan experience that means your biggest fans are the first ones to get the latest news.


Understand Your Fans by Enhancing Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Visualize all of your fan data in one easy-to-use platform and understand your fans better than ever. Create content you’ll know they’ll respond to.

  • Exclusive NFTs, collectibles, and memorabilia
  • Targeted messaging and live updates
  • Promote contests and charitable initiatives

Monetize Your Data by Providing Real-Time ROI Back to Your Sponsors and Brands

Maximize your sponsorship dollars by providing your sponsors with fan engagement insights and direct access to your fan's lock screens. Fobi’s admin portal is the perfect tool to send segmented messaging to every one of your fans. 


Adam Hadwin - Fan Pass

A paper-free, interactive version of nostalgic trading cards.

PGA Winner, two-time Canada Tour winner, and two-time Web.com tour winner Adam Hadwin uses Fan Pass to broaden his fan base. Fan Pass is a one-stop shop for fans to connect with Adam, buy merchandise, and hear messages from his sponsors. 

Adam Hadwin in front of two iPhones showing wallet pass and hub

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Fan Pass is the digital transformation public figures, pro athletes, celebrities, and influencers have been waiting for. Read more about how Fan Pass can expand your fan base.

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