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Grocery Retailers

  • Automate manual processes
  • Become more profitable
  • Future proof your business
Fobi Grocery

Connect any mixture of POS & data systems

• Turn legacy systems into cloud-connected POS’s

• Automate data aggregation, operations, and marketing


Unlock unparalleled AI real-time insights

• Action and monetize your data in the moment

• Detailed behavior insights for every shopper


Engage every shopper with dynamic marketing

• Highly personalized, automated campaigns with attribution

• Next level Apple and Google Wallet pass loyalty

• Digital and physical receipt promotions

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Portal Technology

What our customers say

“There’s no greater time to utilize top-tier artificial intelligence technology to gain an edge in this industry. Our customer base is huge, and it’s important to understand their needs and preferences to maximize basket size, loyalty, and wallet share. We look forward to working with Fobi and building unparalleled experiences for our customers.”