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Health Pass



Fobi positions clinics and laboratories as digital leaders in healthcare. Automatically deliver test results instantly and securely, directly to your patients' mobile devices.

Instant test-result, vaccination status, and other health data delivery

Integrates seamlessly with any CRM or LIMS system

✓ One app-less solution


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  • Results Delivered Instantly

  • Promote Additional Services

  • Bank-Grade Security

  • Data Interoperability

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Results Delivered Instantly

Fobi's API delivers results to patients Health Pass instantly so your patients get the information they need the moment it's ready.


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Promote Additional Services

Push results and appointment reminders directly to your patient's mobile phone's lock screen and notifications to upsell additional services and increase revenue per patient.

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Bank-Grade Security

Fobi uses the highest standards for managing patient data and PII. Continually update medical results and keep records secure under the patient's control. Every Health Pass is digitally signed and secured on the Hedera Hashgraph ledger.

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Data Interoperability

Fobi's Health Pass integrates with your existing CRM system and LIMS providers to automate manual processes.

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How it Works

  1. Receive SMS notification of test results

  2. Download your wallet pass

  3. See your status

  4. Access more information, links, and updates about your results

Who We Support

Testing Laboratories

Send out test results instantly and deliver the best patient experience with a solution that integrates easily with any LIMS provider.

Healthcare Providers

Save time delivering test results by phone and send them directly to your user's smartphone. Keep your patients' medical records safe with military-grade end-to-end encryption. Health Pass securely stores all user data in compliance with HIPAA requirements. 

Vaccination Clinics

Help keep communities safe by getting your patients their results instantly, and digitally transform your clinic.


Kai Care Health Pass

Empower Clinics needed a custom, digital solution to send medical test results to their customers that was frictionless, easy for their customers to use, and enabled them to engage with their customers to cross-sell and upsell services. That’s why they chose Fobi. PassPro Health Pass enables Empower Clinics to provide test results instantly with notifications delivered directly to the lock screen.

person holding iphone showing Kai Care wallet pass

Ready to Get Started?

Let's discuss how you can start using Health Pass today.


Download the Fact Sheet

Learn more about how you can become a digital leader in the healthcare industry.

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