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Investor Pass
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Streamline and strengthen your investor relations with a seamless investor experience. 

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  • Segmented Messaging

  • Everything in One Place

  • Enhanced Experiences

  • Real-time Analytics

Notification - Seg Messaging

Segmented Messaging

Integrate surveys to create detailed audience segments in your admin portal. Then, send targeted messages to any segment directly to their lock screen or by SMS.

Hub - Unify IR

Everything in One Place

Unify your content in one place with a customizable Hub. Press releases, podcasts, merchandise, investor chat forums, exclusive content, and more, all at one click away.

Investors - Enhanced Experiences

Enhanced Experiences

With Fobi's sleek and modern approach to investor relations, your content is easily accessible to current and potential investors. Investor Pass is an app-less solution that's easy to download, takes up minimal storage space, and stores all your important updates.

Fobi Insights Portal

Real-time Analytics

Spend less time understanding your data and more time actioning it. Investor Pass combines all your touchpoints into one portal to gain a clear understanding of your investor’s activities and lifetime value.


Fobi's Investor Experience

See Investor Pass live and in action with Fobi's Investor Experience - the ultimate source for all things Fobi.

Fobi's Investor Experience includes: Fobi merchandise, exclusive content, press releases, podcasts, and blogs.

Investor Pass

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