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The Digital ID Solution That's Safer, Smarter, and More Secure Than Plastic

Add AltID to PassPro and digitize credential verification

✓ Mitigate security risks

✓ Segment access and promotions with ID verification

✓ Reduce your carbon footprint with an eco-friendly solution



What is AltID?

AltID is a digital ID verification solution to make credential verification more secure. Make sure users are who they say they are without compromising sensitive data.

Casino Pass verification with user ID credentials and casino pass creation

Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks & Fraud

Fobi ensures that only the information businesses actually need to know is verified and used to approve wallet pass distribution, lowering the cybersecurity risk. Traditional ID verification processes leads companies to store significantly more PII than necessary. Additionally, biometric and password-protected mobile wallets mitigates fraud.

Rather than storing all the compromising information on traditional IDs, such as an address, AltID only verifies the information you need, keeping your customers information safe.

AltID age verification for resort facilities

Segment Access & Promotions With ID Verification

After Fobi’s AI verifies only the credentials your business needs access to Fobi sends each user their approved Wallet pass. AltID verifies important identifiers such as age. AI age verification enables businesses to control access to age-restricted areas and segment sponsorship content and promotions.


Send out different wallet passes for over and underage guests. AltID's age verification enables the resort to segment messaging to each age group with peace of mind that their promotions are being viewed and used appropirately.

Student Verification with student ID and a verified ID generated

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With an Eco-Friendly Solution

Cut out plastic ID cards and see the difference digital makes. Reduce your organization's plastic footprint using AltID to easily and securely switch to digital.

Securely transition from traditional, plastic university IDs with AltID. Use the secure pass as an ID, key, notification platform, or payment card.

Ready to Get Started?

Let's discuss how you can integrate AltID today.

Computer mockup with insights dashboard and two phones showing wallet passes

Add it to PassPro

Add AltID to PassPro and create the ultimate Wallet pass ecosystem. PassPro is where data, engagement, and mobile wallets meet to bring your business into the digital age. Keep all the info you need in one place and gain access to customer engagement insights, segmented messaging, and hubs to store all the resources your customers want.