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The Big Wheel Charity Golf Classic is hosted and organized by Canadian country singer Aaron Pritchett and the Big Wheel Fund, a foundation created by Aaron to give back to local communities across Canada. The annual tournament aims to raise funds for various charities on Vancouver Island and has donated over $147,000 to charitable causes since its inaugural event in 2022.

About Big Wheel Charity Golf Classic

Canadian country singer, Aaron Pritchett, and the event co-founder, Sarah Bramley, planned the first Big Wheel Charity Golf Classic in support of KidSport Nanaimo and the Nanaimo Community Hospice Society for 2023. The first Charity Golf Classic took place on September 13, 2022 at Nanaimo’s Cottonwood Golf Course.

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The Project

Just eight days before the first annual Big Wheel Charity Golf Classic tournament, Aaron Pritchett spoke to Fobi CEO Rob Anson about the opportunity for Fobi to sponsor the event. Immediately, Rob knew that Fobi could provide a digital ticketing solution to help the event run seamlessly, signing on as Big Wheel’s official tech sponsor for 2022 and 2023.

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Teeing Up for Tight Timelines

In 2022, Fobi delivered a digital ticketing and event management system for Big Wheel in just two days. Needing a quick turnaround, Fobi sent pre-filled digital tickets via email and SMS, creating a personalized, one-step download process for guests that already purchased their tickets. Fobi’s solution ensured that attendees could receive and add their event tickets directly to their mobile wallets, while also providing event organizers with a means to directly contact guests before, during, and after the tournament. This enabled Big Wheel to directly communicate valuable information in real-time, such as scheduling updates, raffle prize announcements, sponsorship shoutouts, and post-event communications. 

Following the success of the first Big Wheel Charity Golf Classic, Big Wheel partnered with Fobi once again for its second annual event in 2023. Delivering an even more seamless attendee experience, Fobi also worked with Big Wheel to create and distribute additional event passes, including dinner vouchers, tickets for evening entertainment, and entries for sponsored contests and giveaways.

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"Fobi was an absolute pleasure to work with. From start to finish, they were professional and efficient. I simply provided an attendee list and they handled data collection, ticket delivery, and all-around engagement."

Sarah Bramley
Co-Founder of Big Wheel Fund
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The Outcome

Revolutionizing Fundraising Events

Thanks to Fobi’s digital ticketing platform, event check-in and attendee engagement are now easier than ever. Using NFC technology, guests were able to check in with a simple scan of their event ticket. At the check-in table, guests were also able to enter themselves into a giveaway sponsored by Fobi AI, simply by tapping their Tap2Win wallet passes that were bundled in the same download as their event tickets. In the run-up to the event, Aaron and the Big Wheel team were able to send personalized push notifications right to guests’ lock screens, offering an enhanced level of communication and engagement that kept attendees in the loop from transportation instructions to raffle and auction announcements. 

In 2023, the Big Wheel Charity Golf Classic achieved a 100% digital ticket download rate leading up to the event, which is a 7.53% increase compared to the previous year.


A Partnership That Keeps on Giving

With the help of Fobi, the first and second Annual Big Wheel Charity Golf Classic were resounding successes, raising over $147,000 for the Nanaimo Hospice Society, Nanaimo Ladysmith Schools Foundation, and other local charitable organizations. Fobi’s technology ultimately made it easier for Big Wheel to manage its attendees and enhance the overall event experience, while also opening up additional revenue generation channels from sponsorships. 

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“I'm really amazed at the engagement capabilities of Fobi's digital ticketing solution. I'm looking forward to using it for our upcoming concerts and communicating with my fans. It's going to be a game changer."

Aaron Pritchett
Canadian country singer and Co-Founder of Big Wheel Fund
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