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Where Access Management
and Engagement Meet

Make every event a success with registration, ticketing, and check-ins that are automated, digital, and frictionless. 

100% contactless & automated

✓ Speed up queues and improve the guest experience

Engage guests directly on the lock screen

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What is CheckPoint?

CheckPoint is an end-to-end digital access management and engagement system for venues. It automates and digitizes the entire registration, ticketing, and check-in process while enabling venues, vendors, and exhibitors to engage with guests directly to their phone's lock screen.


Fobi uses these features to make CheckPoint the next evolution in venue management

  • Automate Processes

  • Smarter Engagement

  • Modernize Venues

  • Actionable Analytics

Automate Processes-1

45% More Qualified Leads Because Customers Trust You

Increase security around check-in with automated processes.  Reduce paper by replacing clipboards and checklists with a sleek digital solution. We've condensed a multi-step process into one simple tap to speed up check-ins. Fobi knows the importance of paper ID badges for networking, that's why we've automated this process by printing each guest's ID badge the moment they tap to check-in .

Phone notification in iPhone

A Better Way to Communicate

Thanks to Fobi's wallet passes, your guest's digital ticket unlocks a new communication channel directly to their lock screen.  Build niche audiences and trigger personalized notifications by time or location to get the right message to the right guest at the right time. Send urgent messages in real-time to increase security around your venue.

Modernize Venues 3

Manual Processes are a Thing of the Past

It's time to ditch outdated and resource-heavy processes and step into the future of venue management. Wallet pass technology and end-to-end automation enable you to get guests through the door faster while being 100% contactless. Set up CheckPoint around your venue to control access and monitor the attendance of your exhibitors, vendors, speakers, and more. Combine ID badges, check-ins, event notifications, and more in one digital ticket.

Actionable Analytics

Leverage Session Analytics to Make Every Event a Hit

Fobi provides real-time updates and analytics in your admin portal on attendance and popularity so you can understand which speakers, booths, or networking sessions attracted the most attendance. We enable you to make data-driven decisions for your next event.

How it Works

Step 1-3


Guests register and download their digital ticket to their mobile wallet

Step 2-Apr-14-2022-10-22-20-96-PM


Guests use their wallet pass to check-in with one simple tap 

Step 3-4
STEP 3 (Optional)


Automatically print ID badges for guests to network with

Step 4-4


Engage guests with push notifications or SMS and monitor analytics


Download the Fact Sheet

Learn more about how easy it is to digitize your venue management.