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Where venue access management 
and engagement meet.

CheckPoint Hero

Make every event a success with automated, digital, and frictionless registration, ticketing, and check-ins.

100% contactless & automated

✓ Speed up queues and improve the guest experience

Engage guests directly on the lock screen


Before Your Event

  • Digital ticket and registration page design by Fobi

  • Tickets are purchased and downloaded to Apple and Google Wallets

  • Presell sponsored messages via SMS or push

  • Build detailed audience segments and send personalized messaging to attendees

During Your Event

  • Set up pre-configured check-in devices and badge printers

  • Check guests and employees in with a simple tap

  • Send sponsored messages

  • Engage with attendees about must-see items, real-time updates, emergency notifications, and more

  • Capture real-time check-in and engagement metrics

After Your Event

  • Send follow up information to guests

  • Based on detailed segmentation, create effective remarket strategies for you and your sponsors

  • Conduct attendee feedback surveys

  • Analyze attendance and event success with metrics
People looking at a phone at a conference

How it Works

How it Works - Step 1


Guests or staff register and download their digital ticket to their mobile wallet

How it Works - Step 2


At the venue, users tap their wallet pass to check-in to the event

How it Works - Step 3
STEP 3 (Optional)


Automatically print ID badges for guests to network with

How it Works - Step 4


Engage guests with push notifications or SMS and monitor analytics


Event Ticketing and Access Management

Fobi created 2,400 tickets for the 94th Oscars and Governor’s Ball. Thanks to the NFC functionality, ticketing and check-in were a breeze. Tickets were sent to each attendee’s mobile phone and securely stored in their mobile wallet.

By enabling attendees to self-scan their ticket at arrival, CheckPoint provided a tap-and-go experience that moved guests quickly and safely into Dolby Theatre with an average speed of 1.4 tickets/second.


Visitor & Employee Access Management

Every week, companies visit the Nasdaq to ring the bell. Fobi is enabling this stock exchange to provide an automated, contactless, and verified point of entry, making it easier and safer for their employees, clients, and visitors to access the building.

With the highest level of data security and privacy, CheckPoint ensures that visitors’ interests in security and safety are protected across their conference locations, offices, and meeting rooms.

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