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Retail & CPG


Experience the Power of Unified
Data & Personalized Promotions

Imagine knowing your customers so well, every promotion is personalized to them. Fobi makes it happen with complete data aggregation and customizable engagement.

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Real-Time Data Unification of Every Purchase

Accessing your data isn’t as simple as it once was. Bridge the gap between in-store and online and consolidate purchasing data across every retail data system. Fobi makes sure you can connect all your sales, operations, and marketing data.

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A 360 Degree View of Your Operations & Shopper Journey

Never miss an opportunity to engage again with a complete view of your shoppers. Fobi’s Portal is your automated window into demographics, inventory, customer spend, basket composition, and other data that enables you to maximize operational efficiencies and marketing.

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Keep Shoppers Engaged

Increase customer lifetime value with the power of personalization to ramp up customer spend. Deliver promotions to every customer right at the till with physical and digital receipt promotions based on shopping behaviour. 

Fobi’s automated marketing platform delivers a seamless experience - the right promotion, to the right customer, at the right time so they can’t help but buy more. 

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Sunflora wanted to gain big picture data and unify their insights throughout every franchise location. They had little insight into the operations and data from each store and no way to connect to real-time POS data. Find out how Fobi helped Sunflora.

What Our Customers & Partners Say

“Fobi’s diverse suite of services was an obvious fit for Sobeys as we look to drive consumer engagement and close gaps in our personalization of the customer experience. We connect more directly with customers while returning AI-driven insights to optimize our retail operations.”

"I have been blown away by Fobi, their vision, technology, and their innovative approach. The Fobi Wallet pass integration with our new coupon standard is truly revolutionary and significantly improves the customer experience. If you dig deeper, Fobi is truly game-changing for forward-thinking retailers and brands.”

“Fobi has made significant progress establishing itself as an innovative leader in the retail data space. Together, with our foundational consumer and retail insights, we have tremendous opportunity to establish new product offerings, expand coverage and facilitate retail success with business intelligence and real-time capabilities.”

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