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Elevate Mobile Experiences with Fobi’s Wallet Pass Features

Deliver enhanced customer experiences with real-time updates, flexible distribution, and direct communication.

Wallet Pass Features

Front of Pass
Dynamic Updates

Update and change pass content at any time, including upgrading and downgrading tiers and voiding passes.

Back of Pass
Adaptive Links

Direct customers to websites, documents, and other important links, located all in one place in the pass details section.

Onboarding Survey
Data Capture

Gain insight into customer behaviour and attribution through detailed analytics and custom surveys.

Push Notification
SMS & Push Notifications

Send targeted and personalized messages to the lock-screen. Schedule, send in real-time or trigger time and location-based notifications.

Pass Bundling

Provide up to 10 different wallet passes in a single download to multiply your reach.

Social Media Post
Multi-Channel Distribution

Distribute wallet passes through multiple channels, including email, SMS, ads, in-store signage, and more.

Fobi Portal
Admin Portal

Access your customer database, communication channel, and analytics in one central platform.

NFC pass
Flexible Validation

Easily validate passes through our SmartScan app or your own NFC readers and barcode scanners.


Let Fobi Help With the Heavy Lifting

Fobi’s professional services team offers tailored, full-service wallet pass management to match your specific needs. We help with wallet pass strategy and consulting, tech stack design, development, and implementation. We'll help you keep your pass up to date and manage your campaigns and communications.

Optimize Every Sponsorship Opportunity

Monetize your audience’s mobile wallet space to capture new lines of sponsorship revenue.

  • Offer sponsors prime ad space in the mobile wallet

  • Promote up to 9 sponsored passes concurrently

  • Provide sponsors with anonymized data & ROI metrics


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Learn About Wallet Passes

Explore the fundamentals of mobile wallet technology and learn how you can enhance customer engagement.

Use Cases

From loyalty cards and coupons to digital ticketing, discover our tailored wallet pass solutions for every need.

Success Stories

Learn how Fobi is using mobile wallet technology to help global companies digitally transform their businesses.