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Covid-19 has radically transformed the retail industry, emphasizing physical distancing, increased sanitation, and contactless payment technology. As we move into a post-pandemic world, we believe that many of these trends will have permanent effects on future shopping experiences—and that technology will play a major role in ensuring these standards are maintained, while also enhancing the in-store experience.

Specifically, we foresee the use of artificial intelligence (AI) bolstering many exciting opportunities for retail. In addition to reinforcing safety protocols through surveillance and contact tracing, AI can be used to improve operations and marketing, and drive engaging, safely distanced in-store experiences.

Where do we start? With aggregated insights.

Here at Loop, we help you unlock a company-wide view of your operations and customers by connecting the data points across your properties and platforms. With our AI technology, see a customer’s journey across your store, your website and app, and even third party delivery or online ordering platforms. Receive real-time updates on what they are buying—to continually inform your operations and marketing decisions.

Intrigued? Watch the introductory video on our insights platform below:

In order to draw customers back into storefronts, they need to be attracted to an experience. So where do we go next? AI-driven marketing.

Loop has built a customizable campaign builder that delivers automated, personalized engagement, while maintaining physical distancing. Here’s some of the exciting details:

  • It’s contactless: push promotions via email, text, wallet pass, or digital receipt
  • It’s relevant: promotions are triggered based on time, location, and past shopping behaviors
  • It’s interactive: it has augmented reality capabilities, adding gamification components to campaigns
  • It’s convenient: it can work with loyalty programs and apps so redemption of rewards is fast and seamless

See more in this video on our engagement platform!

Covid-19 held a mirror up to brick and mortar’s limitations; but with AI, retailers not only tackle these challenges, they unlock new opportunities. At a time when customers demand an abundance of flexibility—platform choices, payment choices, and pickup choices—AI plugs in seamlessly to build this experience in store.

Post by Fobi
October 2, 2020