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A few weeks back the Loop team discussed brick and mortar retail’s projected new normal. How would customer expectations, and government regulations, redefine operations and experience? As communities loosen restrictions and storefronts reopen, we are seeing some innovative new technologies designed to support retail’s pivot.

What do they have in common? They all work to revolutionize the end-to-end experience, through contactless, connected, and frictionless technologies—which we believe is a necessity for bringing safety and confidence back to their storefronts.

Here are four product launches that we expect to make waves during retail’s digital transformation in the coming months:

1. Barcode Scanner App for Inventory Management – Vend’s “Scanner by Vend”

Inventory management is the starting point to a strong relaunch. With Vend’s Scanner app, you can turn your iOS device into a powerful mobile barcode scanner. Users can: count inventory using the camera right from their iPhone or iPad with no additional hardware required; look up product information from the shop floor; as well as edit and save the name and quantity of items that are scanned using the app. Plus, they can log counts with an automatic timestamp to easily resume their progress at any time. We can see retailers saving countless hours on labor, and eliminating the possibility of human error through manual data entry. And coming out of the pandemic, it’s important to reduce the number of items and devices your staff touches!

Read more: https://www.vendhq.com/scanner 

2. Contactless Employee Management – Deputy’s “Touchless Clock In”

Right now, a lot of emphasis is on contactless consumer experiences; however, it is just as important to develop strategies for the safety and security of staff. Deputy’s Kiosk employee management app just added a touchless time clock feature, which allows users to start and stop their shift using only their face and voice — with absolutely no contact with the screen. Employees simply need to approach the iPad Kiosk at a distance where Deputy can detect the employee’s face and match it to their profile photo. Using voice command technology, employees can then confirm that they would like to start or resume their shift. Management can also use this check-in platform to relay important messaging or updates on the screen, to ensure they aren’t missed by employees. At a time when there are likely many changes to scheduling and shifts, as well as protocols, this feature is particularly valuable.

Learn more: https://www.deputy.com/blog/deputys-touchless-clock-in

3. Self-Service Mobile POS System – Agilysys’ “rGuest Buy oOnDemand”

Hospitality POS provider, Agilysys, has released a dine-in mobile ordering platform perfect for venues that host several food and beverage options on property—guests simply order off of their own device to have food conveniently delivered to them. Whether it’s a seat in the sportsbook or the foodcourt, a cabana at the pool or a guest room, rGuest® Buy OnDemand can use location-specific QR codes, table numbers or room numbers to designate where to deliver the order. Its real-time insights are also a huge selling point. Operators receive inventory updates, while customers receive menu and wait time notifications.

4. Digital receipts – Loop Insights’ “Digital Receipt Platform”

Efforts to provide a contactless experience become completely unproductive once a customer is handed a print receipt.  Although receipts are usually delivered physically, they are now seen as potential carriers of bacteria and viruses. With Loop’s digital receipting platform, retailers can now offer a completely contactless experience. A simple tap of the user’s device will push a digital receipt to email, text, app, or mobile wallet—according to customer preferences. Not only do clients save money on paper costs, they also unlock new-line revenue possibilities. A key differentiator of Loop’s digital receipting platform is its ability to deliver personalized promotions along with the digital receipts. Retailers receive revenue based on how many promotions they distribute, and how many are subsequently redeemed by customers. Coming out of Covid-19, revenue-generating tools will be a game changer!

Read on: https://www.loopinsights.ai/digital-receipts/

Post by Fobi
May 13, 2020