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There’s no question that the importance of mobile wallets has accelerated in recent years. As more and more customers resort to using digital wallets and functionality continues to evolve, Passcreator is always looking to provide a consistent user experience across all operating systems, especially to improve compatibility with new Apple and Google Wallet initiatives. The last thing you want is to offer a feature that only works for either iPhone or Android users, but not both.

So, what’s the next new exciting feature for wallet passes then? With Google recently announcing its migration from Google Pay to Google Wallet, the tech giant now supports multi-pass bundling. That also means that Passcreator can now also offer pass bundles across all platforms and provide optimal user experiences on both iOS and Android systems.

What is Multi-Pass Bundling?

Multi-pass bundling enables businesses to distribute—and users to download—multiple wallet passes in one simple step, all in one platform. Previously, if you wanted to send out several promotions or offers at the same time, you either had to find an alternative way to distribute them or you had to have your customers download multiple different passes onto their phones, even if they were for the same type of event (i.e. separate digital boarding passes for multi-leg flights, or passes for a conference that has multiple sessions). Pass bundling through the Passcreator platform enhances your existing infrastructure, introducing increased convenience and an easy-to-use mobile wallet experience that ensures you and your end-users never have to struggle with multiple wallet passes again.


Benefits & Features of Multi-Pass Bundling


1. Full customization

The Passcreator platform is fully customizable, giving you the power to choose what wallet passes you want to distribute and how they’ll be created. Since passes are not always the same for each customer or group of customers, bundles can be customized using a seamless API integration. For example, insurance companies offer multiple different contracts for different tiers and audiences, which means each pass bundle will need to correspond with the correct passes through the API.

Alternatively, you can also choose to create your bundles on the platform. Your business can create up to 10 different offers within the Passcreator platform, and once activated, the pass bundle will be automatically downloaded once a user clicks “add to wallet”.


2. More opportunities to generate sponsorship revenue

Not only can you distribute multiple tickets for your own events and activities, but you can also include sponsored promotions and passes in each bundle. With the ability to deliver targeted and segmented communication directly to your customers, you can also enable your sponsors to send their own personalized offers to the customers’ lock screens in real-time. Additional passes from sponsors will help you generate greater customer engagement and also open up a new revenue stream by maximizing sponsorships and promotions.


3. Easily add or remove passes from bundles

If sponsors withdraw from your event or you want to deactivate specific tickets or promotions, you can remove or add an individual or a group of passes from the bundle at any time.


4. Increased data collection

The Passcreator platform provides your business with a direct channel to leverage and monetize customer data and offers real-time analytics and insights to inform your business decisions and optimize future campaigns. With additional passes added in a bundle, you are able to collect even more data that helps you better track how effective your campaigns really are (i.e. tell your event sponsors about pass usage, activation, and device breakdown rates).


Multi-Pass Bundling Use Cases

The opportunities for pass bundling are endless, but here are just a few common examples:

  • Travel (multi-leg flights, trains, buses, etc.)
  • Conferences & Events (tickets to breakout sessions and after-parties, lunch vouchers, digital business cards)
  • Insurance
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Retail & CPG (coupons, vouchers, e-gift cards)
  • Tourism (resort passes, city marketing)


A Whole New Experience with Multi-Pass Bundling

The ability to bundle up to 10 passes on the Passcreator platform means that we can provide 10 times the value we could offer before, which, in turn, is also value that is being passed down from our clients to their customers. Having seen the enhanced compatibility, efficiency, and ease of use of our platform, we’re now at a stage where wallet passes are being adopted and used by the masses. Now with multi-pass bundling, we’re able to create an even better user experience while giving companies the ability to leverage the Wall Pass ecosystem and develop more opportunities to build customer lifetime value and generate revenue.

Click here to contact us today to learn more about wallet passes and Passcreator’s multi-pass bundling feature.

Lauren Wong
Post by Lauren Wong
March 24, 2023