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With nearly 90% of consumers using coupons in 2020, coupon marketing is becoming increasingly popular. But many companies are nervous about introducing coupons because they're worried they're too complicated. Creating and managing offers can be a lot of work - especially if you're doing it manually. Thankfully, there are tools to help! Offer Management Systems or Offer Management Platforms (OMP) as they are also known, automate the process of creating and managing coupon offers, making your life a lot easier. There are several benefits to using an OMP, and as consumers demand more deals with rising inflation, they're becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to introduce promotional marketing. But why exactly are OMPs so beneficial? This article will dive into why we love Offer Management Systems and how they can revolutionize your customer relationships.

1. Fraud Protection

When it comes to creating offers, fraud can be a scary deterrent for many businesses. No one wants to lose money to thieves, but when you build offers without an OMP, you're leaving yourself open to theft and fraud. An Offer Management System is a great way to protect your business against coupon fraud. Offer Management Systems have many measures in place to keep your business as protected as possible.

The best systems have checks and balances in place, so you don't lose money, including blocking users with bad histories or using 8112 Universal Digital Coupons, the most secure coupon format.

2. Reach Customers Everywhere

Blog Covers2_5 Benefits of OMS - Get the Right Data​​As any savvy marketer knows, the consumer buying journey is now omnichannel. In other words, consumers move back and forth between different channels (online and offline) as they research and purchase products. This presents a challenge for businesses, who need to ensure their marketing is consistent across all channels and that they're reaching as many channels as possible. You can do just that with a sound Offer Management System without breaking the bank. The best OMPs will let you create omnichannel coupon distribution so you can meet your customers on their mobile phones, social media, product packaging, and more - all at no additional cost. This way, businesses can reach consumers wherever they are and deliver consistent value. And that's a win for everyone involved.

3. Customer Loyalty Built the Right Way

Anyone who's ever had a pet knows that consistent, mutual loyalty is the key to a lasting relationship. The same principle applies to businesses and their customers. Any business owner worth their salt knows that loyal customers are the bread and butter of their operation. But what many people don't realize is that to build loyalty, you need to show your customers that you're just as loyal to making them happy as they are to buying from you.

With coupons and other offers, these platforms help you target your most loyal customers and generate even more revenue. After all, consumer data shows that shoppers who use coupons spend 24% more than regular shoppers. Data from Offer Management Systems can help you target your marketing efforts more effectively, ensuring that loyal customers always feel appreciated. So if you're looking to build customer loyalty, offer management is the way to go.

4. Get the Right Data

Blog Covers_5 Benefits of OMS - Reach CustomersWhen it comes to data, more is not always better. In fact, too much data can be downright overwhelming. That's where Offer Management Systems come in. The best Offer Management Systems create a database of offers and customer information that can help you sift through the noise and get the information you actually need to make informed decisions about your marketing campaigns. There's a data sweet spot between the quantity of data, quality of data, and actionability. And when it comes to analytics, Qples is the best in the business. We can help you analyze consumer behavior and give you the tools you need to adjust your campaigns or create better ones in the future. Offer management systems can also show you where your coupons are being clipped and redeemed the most so you can geographically target your marketing campaigns. With this data at your fingertips, you can make better decisions about your campaigns and create offers that are more likely to be successful. So don't risk getting lost in the data - get offer management and see your customers clearly.

5. Personalize Customer Experiences to Grow Your CRM

Consumers want to feel like brands know what they want before they do, which is why Offer Management Systems are essential for building a personalized shopping experience. With an Offer Management System in place, you can segment your customers into different audiences based on shared qualities and engage with them in a more customized way. Grow your CRM while you segment customers into audiences. This makes it easy to target and personalize your marketing engagement efforts to the needs of each audience. With a good Offer Management System, you can easily create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that speak directly to the needs of your audience. As a result, you'll be able to build stronger relationships with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Offer Management Systems are essential for businesses who want to understand their customers, increase sales like never before, and create valuable customer experiences. This in-depth understanding of customers allows companies to better personalize marketing engagement and boost conversions. So if you're looking for an easy way to improve your marketing campaigns, consider using an Offer Management System. You won't regret it!


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Ian Cameron
Post by Ian Cameron
August 22, 2022
Ian Cameron joins Fobi as Vice President of Marketing with over 20 years of experience in technology, marketing, and e-commerce. Ian was previously responsible for Global Marketing at Epson, where he created Epson's first global marketing team, and initiated and led several successful enterprise-wide projects, including Epson's Global Digital Transformation project.