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Fobi Updates


Download Aaron Pritchett’s Fan Pass here.

You can also listen to Aaron’s new single ‘Liquored Up’ below and view upcoming dates for the Liquored Up Tour here.

Fobi Shares

Volume of shares traded: 1,930,126

Net Change: Unchanged (0.16)


Press Releases

Qples by Fobi Announces 77% Sales Growth YoY with Increased Momentum From Media Solutions, AI (8112) Coupons, & New API Integration

Fobi AI Granted MCTO

Fobi AI Announces Application for Voluntary MCTO



Rob Anson Unscripted - Episode 8: Going All In



Episode 63: Qples and Fobi Update with Rob Anson

Episode 64: Launching Fan Pass with Aaron Pritchett


Top News

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Last:  34,061

Net Change: +5% (+1644)


Nasdaq Composite Index

Last: 13,478

Net Change:  +7% (+878)


  1. Fed chair Jerome Powell shows some optimism on economy after rate pause
  2. Financial and tech stocks help boost S&P/TSX composite, U.S. stock markets also rise
  3. Markets rise after Federal Reserve hits pause again on rate hikes
  4. New study validates the business value and opportunity of AI
  5. Five takeaways from UK’s AI safety summit at Bletchley Park


Post by Fobi
November 3, 2023