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Fobi Updates




Fobi Shares

Volume of shares traded: 1,143,146

Net change:  -11.9% (-.025)



Episode 61: Latest News with Rob Anson


Press Releases

Fobi AI Signs Multi-Year Agreement Projected at $1.1M CAD with One of Europe’s Largest Membership Organizations

Fobi AI Expands Partnership with Gift Card Solution, Leikbreytir 



Rob Anson Unscripted - Episode 6: Investing in People and Story


Top News

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Last: 33,670 
Net change:
+.78% (+263)


Nasdaq Composite Index

Last: 13,407 
Net change:
-.17% (-24)


1. Stocks rise as all eyes turn to inflation data

2. Canada added 64,000 jobs in September, led by seasonal surge in education workers

3. Artificial intelligence is seeping into all of your gadgets

Post by Fobi
October 13, 2023