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Fobi Shares

Volume of shares traded:  3,150,031

Net change:  +7.7% (+.015)



Episode 60: Fobi Company Update with Rob Anson



Rob Anson Unscripted - Episode 2: Thriving in the Digital Age 


Rob Anson Unscripted - Episode 3: Turning Rejection into Reinvention  



Top News

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Last: 33,507

Net change: -1.3% (-456)


Nasdaq Composite Index

Last: 13,219

Net change: +0.006% (+8)


1. Stocks rise as Treasury yields slip from multiyear highs

2. AMD’s stock pops after Microsoft tech chief touts chipmaker’s AI products

3. ChatGPT can now access up to date information

4. OpenAI’s plan to build the ‘iPhone of artificial intelligence’

5. ​​Canadian economy to get 'back on its feet' next year, Deloitte Canada says

Post by Fobi
September 29, 2023