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For years, CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands have used coupons and promotions to acquire and retain loyal customers—and there’s no doubt that it works! But in an increasingly contactless society, mobile promotions are essential for maintaining a loyalty base and acquiring new customers in the digital era.

Mobile promotions also enhance current CPG marketing by creating 1-to-1 measurable connections with each customer. Unlike before, brands can now see and measure customers’ interactions with their marketing campaigns across retailers and locations.

With Loop, brands can deliver promotions through a mobile web experience using QR codes, or through mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet and Google Pay—unlocking personalized mobile marketing, at scale.


Using Loop’s technology and working with retailers, brands can now deliver:

  • Targeted engagement directly to a customer’s smartphone
  • Personalized rewards and promotions
  • A paper-free, contactless redemption process
  • Offers that are redeemable across a variety of retail locations
  • An ongoing relationship with the customer post-purchase


How exactly does Loop’s mobile promotions work?

  1. First, the customer receives a promotion, which can be pushed through a variety of marketing channels like email, SMS, social, QR code, and more.
  2. The customer clicks into this message and can redeem the offer right away, or save it to their mobile wallet.
  3. If saved to their mobile wallet, the customer can also receive personalized messages from the brand, or triggered notifications based on time and location.
  4. The customer can redeem this coupon at a participating retail store (according to the regulations of the promotion).
  5. If the customer is interacting through their wallet pass, it will be automatically updated to reflect the redemption and any newly triggered promotions.
  6. The redemption is tracked and attributed to the individual shopper.

This ability—to gain full attribution and ROI metrics—is a game changer for our CPG brand clients. But the participating retailers benefit as well! Loop’s platform ensures that they gain revenue for each promotion that is distributed, and redeemed.

It’s time to modernize CPG marketing. Tap into exciting new territory with Loop’s automated mobile marketing!

Interested? Watch the video below!

Post by Fobi
August 31, 2020