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Fobi was recently picked by The Motley Fool, one of the top global Stock Market & Investment Advice Services, as one of 2 stocks that Investors should look at instead of Blackberry.  Blackberry is already up 71% in the last 30 days, however, The Motley Fool highlighted Fobi and OpenText as 2 other TSX stocks that have the potential to outperform Blackberry and the market overall.  

The article does a good job of picking up on Fobi’s positioning as an AI company, and the potential that Fobi has in this space.  It also does a good job highlighting the growth that Fobi has already experienced since last year and the Services & Technologies that Fobi delivers.

You can read the full article here.

Ian Cameron
Post by Ian Cameron
June 20, 2021
Ian Cameron joins Fobi as Vice President of Marketing with over 20 years of experience in technology, marketing, and e-commerce. Ian was previously responsible for Global Marketing at Epson, where he created Epson's first global marketing team, and initiated and led several successful enterprise-wide projects, including Epson's Global Digital Transformation project.