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"Why comeback? The QR Codes have always been around us! QR Code (QR for Quick Response) is a reliable connection from the real world to the mobile world. So the QR Code offers a simple and multi-value function, for example when it comes to customer loyalty programs.

The user is able to call up a URL quickly and easily without having to type it in. Just as easily, a digital flyer, boarding pass, ticket, customer card, voucher and much more can be stored on the smartphone in the form of a Wallet pass.

A customer card in the Wallet app is simply able to be shown at the cash desk and bring the corresponding benefits. Collect points, redeem vouchers, enjoy advantages and so on.

And it doesn't matter where the QR code is found. On a display or monitor, printed, projected or glued.

Have a look at Passcreator's Use Cases and see what is possible. Just scan the QR code in the image above. (On a mobile click here!)

Post by Fobi
July 7, 2021