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New Logo, Website & Messaging will launch tonight and the new brand will roll out this week.

After many weeks of hard work by our team, we are excited to unveil the new Fobi brand. We have been working tirelessly to bring this new and revitalized brand to our partners, investors, and clients through a new website, new messaging, and up-to-date communications. Our commitment to driving digital transformation across industries through innovative technology is being realized not only in our product offering but with Fobi at our core.  

The new Fobi brand speaks to our origins as a data-driven insights company and leverages our proprietary Fobi technology to tell the story of our growth into a full service platform. The end-to-end data aggregation, integrated insights and engagement solution that we offer is now mirrored in a unified brand. 

When we started out as Fobi Suite Technologies and as we developed into Loop Insights our primary goal was to offer every business operating in the brick-and-mortar space a solution to integrate all of their existing data and commerce points to create an unparalleled view of their customers and operations. As Fobi we will build on this objective, and move forward with Fobi as our central focus and continue to align our expanding products, services and partnerships with this vision. This relaunch will better enable our clients to serve their customers throughout every stage of the customer journey with a unified solution that is simplified and modern. 


So What’s Changing?

With a new and more modern website, we aim to communicate more effectively and openly with regular company updates, content, industry insights and of course press releases. You can still keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter where we will continue to share the latest news and releases with a fresh new look.  

The new website design features a hierarchy of our services and technologies with easy-to-navigate pages and new and improved product overviews and collateral.  But that’s not all, our relaunch is not just surface level. We have been improving our processes and growing our team at an accelerated pace so that we can deliver the same exceptional experience to our customers as we help them to deliver to theirs. 

Loop Insights VP of Marketing Ian Cameron said, “Our Fobi IoT platform has always been the key piece of the puzzle that closes the loop for our customers enabling the holy grail of full marketing attribution, so that made it the perfect place to start with this relaunch. As we continue to grow and work with large Enterprise retailers and brands, the new Fobi brand will help position us as a trusted partner.”


Where is Fobi Headed?

The world is going digital and mobile and Fobi is at the forefront of that digital transformation creating personalized journeys and experiences through actionable insights. Covid has really accelerated our business and we have been able to develop some great platforms such as our venue management solution which has been a huge success at recent NCAA events, and the recent PGA tour event in Las Vegas. We are working to refine the digital experience in this new era in industries like Sports and Entertainment, Retail and Hospitality and Tourism.

Fobi CEO Rob Anson says, “The great thing is companies are really looking at their business now from a micro level not just macro, they’re looking to improve every touchpoint, and every data point that they have and looking to monetize that and that’s where we definitely excel.”    

The strategic partnerships we have built over the past year with industry leaders such as Amazon, Oracle, Telus and NielsenIQ,  are a testament to that development and to the opportunities for continued revenue growth. With the strength of our leadership and the dedication of our ever-expanding team, we have a renewed focus and commitment to deliver consistent innovation, clear communication, and exceptional products and services to everyone from our investors, partners, clients, and any business eager to regain control of their data, connect with their customers and adapt within their industry. 

Watch this space for more updates, news, and industry insights from Fobi, coming soon. If you’re interested in learning more about Fobi’s products or services check out the new website at www.fobi.ai tonight.  

Post by Fobi
June 1, 2021