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Have you heard about National Tequila Day? It’s a celebration that happens on July 24th all across the United States. What’s a better way to enjoy the hot summer days than mixing up one of the most popular summer drinks of all time? So, in celebration of National Tequila day, we are going to find out how Canadians have embraced this American holiday by giving you insights on some of the most popular tequila purchases.

How Tequila is Celebrated

Tequila sales are on the rise in Canada with a 10.6% volume increase since 2018. As a spirit that has become a billion dollar industry in the North America (having roughly 90% of all tequila production consumed by the US alone), Canada has also seen some amazing numbers from tequila sales.

Top Tequila Brands

With over 2,000 unique tequila brands available in North America —  El Jimador, Sauza and Patron appear to be the most popular choices among Canadian consumers! And… because we love providing real-time insights on customer buying preferences, we also broke down the rest of the top tequila items purchased throughout the year.

Tequila in North America

If you are a true follower of our blog over at loopinsights.ai, you may have read about our Cinco De Mayo post a couple of months back. With an amazing $2.9 billion dollars in US annual sales, tequila continues its reign over the liquor industry without trouble.

And as you can see below, unsurprisingly, tequila sales reach their highest sale hours on weekends… but what about the top pairings that Canadian consumers have bought along with their favorite tequila?

Tequila Top Pairings

Beer and RTD’s are the major choices Canadians are buying along with their favorite tequila brands.

Whether you enjoy the sweetness of Hey Ya’ll Ice Tea with your tequila, or enjoy drinking a couple of Budweiser beers before you really get the party started, pairing up with any tequila brand is always a win-win!

So retailers, now that you know everything about your customers’ preferences when it comes to tequila, will you be ready to take advantage of National Tequila Day next year? Increase your in-store traffic and revenue through a solid cross-selling strategy by providing the right promotion, to the right person, all at the right time!

If you’re interested in finding out more about our how Loop Insights is evolving real-time marketing and how you can access real-time insights for your company, contact us.

Post by Fobi
July 29, 2019