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Hello everyone, we hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving long-weekend filled with family, friends, and great food. Once again Loop is presenting some post-holiday insights to give you the scoop on liquor sales this Thanksgiving.

For this week, we looked at Total Profit Increase, Total Revenue by Day, Top Hours, Top Products and Top Products Sold, we have also added to our insights Gender-Specific stats to provide a deeper look into customer buying trends. Check out the data tables below for a full look at all these stats.

Weekend Sale Changes

Looking at the Total Value (% change in dollars spent), Total Quantity (% change in units sold), and Total Transactions (% change in the number of transactions) we can see that the holiday weekend of October 11th to 14th saw an overall increase in all categories.

Best Day of the Weekend for Sales

Across the Thanksgiving long weekend, we saw a huge spike for Sunday purchases, which proved to be the highest sales day over the weekend. Comparatively, Sunday saw a massive 105.4% increase in dollar sales and a 78.5% increase in the number of sales over the previous weekend.


  • Friday: +19.6%
  • Saturday: 23.3%
  • Sunday: +105.4%
  • Monday: +59.5%


  • Friday: +19.3%
  • Saturday: +20.8%
  • Sunday: +78.5%
  • Monday: +55.7%

The Best Hour of Sunday for Sales

Looking at the purchases over the weekend, we can see that 4:00 PM was the time when customers were purchasing the most followed by 3:00 PM.

Top Items Sold on Sunday

With Sunday having the largest sales change over the previous week, we broke down the top items in each category purchased on that specific day.


  • Budweiser (24 Pack)
  • Old Milwaukee (15 Pack)
  • Budweiser (15 Pack)


  • Cabernet Sauvignon – J Lohr Seven Oaks 2016
  • Pinot Noir – Meiomi 2016
  • Sauvignon Blanc – Kim Crawford Malborough


  • Smirnoff – Red Label
  • Crown Royal – 0.75L
  • Crown Royal – 1.75L

Top Items of the Weekend

The top items purchased over the weekend vary a little from Sunday’s specific top items, but you can still see a similar item trend with top brands leading in purchases.

  • Budweiser (24 Pack)
  • Old Milwaukee (15 Pack)
  • Budweiser (15 Pack)

Stats by Gender

For something new, we have broken down the category purchases by gender. By understanding the purchases by gender retailers can better merchandise their store. Men want a quick and easy purchase vs women who want more emotional shopping experience.

  • Wine: 49% Female – 51% Male
  • Spirits: 41% Female – 59% Male
  • Beer: 31% Female – 69% Male

The Winners

After digging deeper into the insights, you can see that the highest increase in sales came from last Sunday; the day before Thanksgiving. 4:00 PM was the highest purchasing time with Budweiser 24 packs, Cabernet Sauvignon — J Lohr Seven Oaks 2016 wine, and Smirnoff — Red Label being the top sellers. Overall we noticed that a higher than usual amount of category sales were done by men this holiday.

If you are looking to make an impact next holiday/long-weekend, consider these stats, and stock up appropriately before.

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Post by Fobi
October 15, 2019