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It was quite the weekend for football fans, as the Kansas City Chiefs and San Fransisco 49ers went head to head for the big Super Bowl title. As we know, the ultimate viewing party requires a stocked drink cooler and snack table. Some may say the refreshments are more important than the game itself…

We anticipated that the local liquor sales would be higher than usual this past weekend – especially beer, as they certainly pair best with hot wings and nachos. And our data confirms this: for example, local Molson sales were up roughly  50% over the weekend prior!

See below for the top brands and products sold over the Super Bowl weekend. We’re curious, if your favorite team didn’t win, how about your favorite bevy?


Ready for Kickoff?

Apparently Vancouverites were in a bit of a scramble picking up last minute items for their Super Bowl parties – overall weekend sales were up 19.7% from the weekend before, with Sunday at 2pm being the busiest hour.


Top Draft Picks According to Male/Female Shoppers

Looks like male and female fans were reaching for different drinks to quench their anticipation over the final score – and men were definitely the bigger spenders across all categories.

Top Items at 2pm on Sunday (Female)
  1. G&W Distilling – Nutrl Vodka Soda Mixed Pack – 12 pack
  2. Corona Extra – 6 pack
  3. Alberta Pure Vodka – 0.375L
  4. Bailey’s Original Irish Cream – 1.14L
  5. G&W Distilling – Nutrl Vodka Soda Pineapple – 6 pack


Top Items at 2pm on Sunday (Male)
  1. Labatt – Budweiser Can – 24 pack
  2. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum – 1.75L
  3. Stella Artois – 12 pack
  4. Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
  5. Veuve Clicquot Brut


Super Bowl MVPs

Beer certainly stands out in terms of top brands/products sold over the weekend, and on Sunday. Budweiser and Corona consistently secure top spots, but we can see that Vancouverites also had some liquors and RTD’s on hand. What was in your cooler?


Be a Playmaker, Not a Spectator

If you are a liquor retailer or venue operator, understanding what is being sold, at what time, and by whom is the starting point for a marketing strategy that is created according to local preferences. For example, basket pairing insights can improve a store’s layout and merchandizing, and drive effective cross-promotional advertising. 

Interested? If you’d like to learn more about AI data platforms and how they can maximize your marketing dollars, reach out to us!
Post by Fobi
February 6, 2020