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Summer Top Pairings

Hey everyone, hope you are enjoying the last days of Summer to the fullest, and preparing for the seasonal “Back to School” rush! For this post, we once again looked at the real-time data pulled from liquor vendors across the summer, focusing on the top items pairings by category: Beers, Spirits, Wine and Refreshment Beverages (RTD’s).

The idea? Get a better understanding of today’s consumers’ habits when it comes to product pairings and to you give the opportunity to bring in more business during the upcoming Labour Day long-weekend. Let’s find out how you can get bigger baskets by using Loop Insights’ exclusive data to deploy a smart merchandising strategy in your stores!


Top Pairings for Beers

You must be aware of beer’s incredible superpower… it’s amazing ability to help people cool down during the high summer heat! Considered as the leading product of the patio season, let’s see how consumers like to mix it!

With breweries popping up all around the country, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to beer! Not surprisingly, people seem to be tempted to try a couple of different styles when shopping this essential summer beverage. Either way, single cans are definitely the winners here with Sappor leading the pack.


Top Pairings for Wines

Let’s start with a question: where do people get the idea that Canadians are mainly beer drinkers, despite knowing that the country produces some of the best wine in the world?

The real-time data we’ve pulled together tells a different story, by showing how drinking habits are slowly giving way to a country that really enjoys its wine. As a matter of fact, “Wines Pairings” represent 60% of multi-products baskets.


Top Pairings for Spirits

Just behind hard liquors, beer seems to be the major choice Canadians are buying along with spirits: what’s that saying about liquor before beer, and you’re in the clear?

Anyhow, no doubt there is a winning size this summer: the 200 ml items with Canadian Club, Bacardi and Polar Ice taking the top 3 spots.


Top Pairings for RTD’s

Eristoff looks to be the most popular brand of refreshment beverages this summer! The large range of Vodka offered to the public has rocketed in popularity this past summer.

Whether you enjoy the coldness of a beer or the sweetness of an alcopop, Refreshment Beverages have been highly appreciated by the vacationers and locals alike.

So retailers, now that you know everything about your customers’ habits when it comes to product pairings, will you be ready for the last week of summer before the “Back to School” feeling finally sets in? You hold the keys to improve your promotional strategy and unlock additional revenues through better merchandising and stock management.

Get ready for the Labour Day Long-weekend!

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Insights provided by: Loop Data Exchange

Post by Fobi
August 23, 2019