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Fobi has been deeply involved in transforming fan engagement in sports for years, working closely with respected leagues like the PGA, AHL, and NCAA. Our journey is marked by numerous achievements and recognition from industry leaders. But we're not stopping there; we're driven to keep pushing boundaries and finding new ways to deliver unforgettable experiences for fans everywhere.

Our commitment to making a meaningful impact also extends beyond the digital realm. Through initiatives like our partnership with KidSport, where all proceeds from Fobi merchandise sales go to support youth sports, we demonstrate our dedication to giving back to the community that fuels our passion for sports.

Looking ahead, our partnership with NBC Comcast SportTech represents an exciting chapter in our journey. Together, we aim to pioneer groundbreaking technologies that will shape the future of sports engagement, reaffirming our position as trailblazers in the industry. With Fobi leading the charge, the future of fan engagement in sports has never looked brighter.

That said, let's delve into our industry accomplishments and explore how Fobi's innovation and data-driven solutions have played a pivotal role in shaping fan engagement across diverse sports leagues.

Increasing Click-Through Rates at bDG Sports Events

Fobi ensured that sponsored ads were delivered and tracked in real-time at all bDG Sports events, maximizing the impact of promotional efforts and ensuring every interaction with fans was meaningful. By combining advertising methods with our digital solutions, we achieved the highest ad click-through rates of over 11%, in comparison to search ads' CTR of 1.55%. This has surpassed our expectations, cementing our reputation as industry leaders in fan engagement.

Effortless Event Entry at NCAA Tournaments


When bdG Sports sought an exclusive ticketing solution for their NCAA Men's and Women's tournaments at Baha Mar and Las Vegas, they turned to Fobi. Our innovative approach revolutionized ticketing processes, streamlining entry for fans while providing organizers with invaluable insights and analytics. By leveraging our state-of-the-art technology, we delivered a seamless ticketing experience and enhanced the overall event atmosphere, setting a new standard for NCAA tournaments and leaving participants eager for more.

Building an Immersive Fan World for World Boxing Council

Leading up to and throughout fight night, Fobi partnered with the World Boxing Council to introduce the WBC Fan Pass, a game-changing tool that enriched the fan experience in unprecedented ways. From interactive questionnaires and polls to fully managed notifications and promotions, the WBC Fan Pass empowered fans to engage with the event like never before. Real-time updates on fight card schedules, results, and promotions kept fans informed and involved, while the custom-made Fan Prediction Game added an extra layer of excitement, making every moment of the boxing spectacle truly unforgettable. Fobi's World Boxing Council wallet passes demonstrated significantly higher engagement and retention rates than average mobile applications.

Securing Entry and Amplifying Excitement for PGA


At the PGA Championship Tournament in Las Vegas, Fobi stepped up to the plate, delivering safe fan entries and elevating fan engagement to new heights. Our strategy protected the event's integrity and created an exciting experience for fans, leaving a memorable impression that lasted long after the final putt was made.

Modernizing Entry Procedures Across North American Hockey

The AHL and four other leagues within the North American Ice Hockey Organization stand as a prime example of how Fobi's wallet pass technology has revolutionized access control and credential management within sports organizations. 

The AHL was able to streamline the process of issuing digital credential cards to key stakeholders, ensuring smooth and secure access to restricted areas such as team locker rooms and media lounges. These changes enhanced operational efficiency and bolstered security measures, as digital credentials are easier to track and far more reliable than paper records.

Fobi's wallet pass technology opened AHL to new possibilities for additional features and functionality, such as real-time updates, interactive content, and personalized experiences. As a result, AHL witnessed a significant improvement in fan engagement and satisfaction, solidifying its status as a sports industry leader.

2024 and Beyond: Collaborating with NBC Comcast to Shape the Future of Sports

NBC Comcast

As a recognized leader in sports pass marketing, Fobi is helping to shape the way major sports organizations drive new lines of revenue, open new activation channels and enhance the fan experience. Forward-thinking organizations like Comcast NBCUniversal see the wallet pass channel as a way to meet these objectives and are making investments accordingly, through their annual SportsTech Accelerator program. From a field of over 1500 applicants, Fobi was selected as just one of 10 companies to participate in the 2024 program. This six-month program offers Fobi unparalleled opportunities to present our innovative products to key decision-makers from some of the most renowned sports brands worldwide. With industry giants such as NBC Sports, NASCAR, the Premier League, PGA TOUR, Sky Sports, Comcast Spectacor, and US Olympic sports organizations in attendance, the platform provided has been invaluable for Fobi. 

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April 19, 2024